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What's with the turtle?

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

You may notice here and there a turtle, Cosy Crafting's logo. Took me quite some time to define it . After few months and more than 10 designs, the symbol I wanted didn't yet have a shape. But one day while lurking on the internet I saw it. A Turtle!

In the beginning didn't know why it was so appealing, I only knew it was somehow resonating with Cosy Crafting's mission. Made me feel calm, at peace and grounded.

After spending some time reading about the symbolism, I understood why it was such a good match with what Cosy Crafting stands for.

This awesome creature teaches us to be calm and patient. It also reminds us to slow down and to be grounded in the present moment. The turtle does not hurry and does not worry. It trusts the Universe and knows that no matter what, it is always at home, safe and loved.

Turtles walk peacefully on this Earth, with perseverance but in the same time going with the flow. One can only say, let there be turtles!

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